While purchasing medicine - It is important that you let us know what other medicine you are using.
This is for preventing unwanted drug interactions.

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About israel Pharma
Israel Pharma is one of the leading pharmacies in Israel focusing on medical tourism for more then 10 years.
The pharmacy is owned by a professional certified pharmacist - Zahi Asharov accompanied with an experienced and well trained staff, that will offer the best quality drugs in minimum waiting time for our customers.
Israel Pharma is working and providing special drugs for patients staying in Israel and leaving abroad, for their medical treatment. We are proud of our professional relations with leading hospitals in Israel that use our pharmaceutical services.
Israel Pharma provides tourists their pharmaceutical needs while their stay in Israel, and is proud to offer:
  • Best quality drugs from known sources.
  • Minimum waiting time for special drugs delivery (2-6 hours)
  • Offering special drugs with no freeze needs.
  • Multilingual staff will be happy so assist in any language - English, Russian, Arabic.
  • TAX FREE service for our international customers for claiming their VAT back.
  • Medication Management service for customers who consume more then 5 different drugs, and need medication consultation.
  • 24 hours online consulting services in Israel and abroad.