While purchasing medicine - It is important that you let us know what other medicine you are using.
This is for preventing unwanted drug interactions.

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Tax Free Service
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 Tax Free Service
Israel Pharma – Part of Merkaz Hazafon Pharmacy – is offering you the best quality pharmaceutical services during your stay in Israel.
As an Israel Pharma customer we offer you TAX free service free of charge – the only thing you will have to do is fill your name and passport number and claim your VAT back at the Ben Gurion International airport.
16% percent of your purchase in our pharmacy, Israel Pharma – Part of Merkaz Hazafon Pharmacy, will get back to you after sorting all the procedures.
As a tourist in Israel you are entitled to get VAT refund on consumer goods you purchase, medicine is included.
Many tourists become confused when trying to deal with local authorities, this is where we come in. While purchasing medicine through our pharmacy we will be happy to serve you and fill all the forms required in order to get your money back.

How does this work ?
  • Purchasing medicine and other goods in Israel Pharma - Part of Merkaz Hazafon Pharmacy
  • Keeping all receipts, after completing all purchases calling us on 972-3-5464777
  • Ask one of our team you need to fill VAT forms - and we will sort everything for you !
  • Part of our service is filling all forms needed, being in touch if needed with the Tax Authorities in Israel to prepare money for you.
  • After a few days you will get a phone call from us that all forms are ready, and these will be delivered to your hotel with
  • All will need is to fill out your name and passport number and your all set.

Does everyone get VAT back ?
  • First you need to be a tourist, an Israeli citizen cannot get VAT back.
  • Second you need to purchase goods from the amount of 100$ and more,
  • 16% will get back to you when you leave Israel - You shouldn't miss this.