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VIALS: 1 x 100 mg/5 ml.
See literature.
Prescribing Restrictions:  Kupah Pharmacy Only Medical Division Approval 

VIALS: 1 x 200 mg/10 ml.
See literature.
Prescribing Restrictions:  None

Refract. testicular tumors, small cell lung cancer, Hodgkin’s disease, malignant (non-Hodgkin’s) lymphomia (especially histocytic type), acute non-lymph. leukemia.
Hypersensitivity to components. See prescribing information for full details.
Special Precautions:
Observe frequently for possible myelosuppression both during and after therapy. The occurrence of a platelet count below 50,000/mm3 or an absolute neutrophil count below 500/mm3 is an indication to withhold further therapy. Anaphylactic reaction. Administer by slow intravenous infusion only. Pregnancy and lactation. See prescribing information for full details.
Side Effects:
Myelosuppression, nausea and vomiting, transient hypotension, anaphylactic-like reactions, reversible alopecia. See prescribing information for full details.
Drug Interactions:
See prescribing information for full details.