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VIALS (powder for reconstitution): 1 x 200 mg + 19.7 ml water.
I.V. injection/Infusion.
Monotherapy: 4 -5 day cycles of 150 to 250 mg/m2 body surface area/day This treatment can be repeated every 21 days. Alternatively, 2.0-4.5 mg/kg/day may be given for 1-10 days. This regimen can be repeated every 28 days. Administration either as an I.V. injection over approximately one minute or as an I.V. infusion over 15-30 minutes. If necessary, can be given intra-arterially. 
Combination chemotherapy: Generally 4-5 day cycles of 100mg/ mg/m2 /day, with a 21 day interval between subsequent cycles starting from the last day of treatment.
Prescribing Restrictions:  None

Metastatic, malignant melanoma. Hodgkin's disease as a second line therapy when used in combination with other agents.
Hypersensitivity to dacarbazine or any of the excipients, renal insufficiency. Bone marrow depression. Pregnancy and lactation. See literature for full details.
Special Precautions:
See literature for full details.
Side Effects:
Anorexia, nausea, vomiting and fever. Impairment of hematopoiesis is the most severe toxic reaction to occur with therapy and primarily affects leukocytes and thrombocytes, although minor anemia may also occur. Leucopoenia and thrombocytopenia may be of a sufficiently severe nature as to be fatal. Bone marrow suppression requires careful monitoring of leukocytes, erythrocytes and thrombocytes. Photosensitivity reactions have been reported up to three days after administration. Influenza-like systemic disorders (asthenia, headache, myalgia, fever).These symptoms occur usually after large single doses, may last for several days, and they may occur with successive treatments. Renal or hepatic toxicity have been reported. Eosinophilia has been reported. Epileptic fits and dementia (with high doses of dacarbazine), venous-occlusion (with very high doses of dacarbazine) have been reported. See literature for full details.